Events - Le 126

126 is not a restaurant, it is a house where people come to ask , remake the world as a little place at home where we love to " jam " for a moment. The plate is the excuse to come. We do not cook as fresh , home made . They drink , good wine here and elsewhere , mineral water bottle for 1 € .

Our artists love to navigate after their representation, and we trust their appetite : wild sea bream, trout Slice duck breast with caramelized goat honey and fresh mint, lamb shanks with garrigue herbs ...

Thus Alain Delon , Roland Giraud , HEAD , Christina REALI Daniel RUSSO ... just ask and slip for a night in the skin of our guests.

Every noon, every night , Aurélie imagine dishes with simple and sincere flavors. A place where the slate is queen with so many different proposals as days in the week. So you will never taste the same dish twice at 126 .

That's why our guests love it breakfast, lunch or dinner there yet . Celebrate a birthday here , privatize the place leaving us the opportunity to transform everything for the occasion (layout, decoration ..) , bring a group or DJ, organize a brunch , meeting or training a day using our installations ( overhead projector, paper board .. ) interfere breaks essential (ascending coffee, lunch , bottled water home ..) .

This house is adaptable and we welcome you in customizing .

We are here to surprise you and organize your moments ...


Aurélie and Eric
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